Perfume -- The basis of our practice. Combining the spirits of herbalism, botany, and alchemy, we have crafted scent creations that uplift the mind, heart and soul. Scents can do many splendid things; improve confidence, allure a mate, evoke a personae, dowse emotions to find calm and inner peace... Whatever you are searching for, listen and feel for the tug of your own spirit as it guides you to its desires.

Not all scents make the cut, and based on client feedback we will discontinue scents from time to time, but we have permanent recipes of all our creations. If you do not see something here you've purchased before, please reach out to us and we will gladly make it for you. Or, consider a Custom Creation, where we work together to make something unique to only you.

As scent is a highly personal experience, we strongly recommend purchasing Samples in order to discover your preferences and any sensitivities. We offer Samples of all our Perfumes, as well as curated Sample Kits of complimentary families.


We have curated a Master Collection of best sellers that are beloved by our clients and that will remain in the Shop. Over time, this collection may gain additional scents based on customer feedback and support. Here, you will find the core of what makes Bitters End special, and showcases an array of scents to tickle your fancy.