Have you ever wondered what your character might smell like? What sort of herbs and spices does your Druid carry on them? Does your Sorcerer's magic leave behind a scent of smoke? What cologne would your Bard wear to try and seduce their way into a dragon's hoard? Bring us your lore and let us help you manifest this creation. 


In this process we design a custom perfume that is tailored to your original character's individual preferences, memories, and personality.


The Creation Process:

Following your online purchase, you will receive an email of a detailed questionnaire to complete, beginning the collaboration to construct your signature scent.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will send you an email with any follow up questions or need for clarification. We will also explain the basics of our process for building a scent that is well-balanced, full-bodied, and appropriate for the purposes you have in mind for it. 


Then we will create three (3) perfume samples based on what we have learned about your character, as well as what we know would work best as a balanced and harmonious blend.


Once you have spent some time with your samples, one should stand out as your favorite. You may love it as it is or decide you would like to change aspects of it. In case of the latter, we will discuss how you would like it adjusted to be closer to what you have in mind. This adjustment will be made before you are provided with your final perfume. 
*Clients have 1 revision to the chosen sample. Additional revisions will come at an additional cost determined by the natural materials used.*


Lastly, we will make a recipe that we will keep on file of your custom perfume, and blend a 15ml batch that will arrive in a beautiful glass bottle, labeled, and complete with a detailed perfume card that details a description of the blend, with a full ingredients list,  identifying the main notes and accords, as well as which aspects of your character's essence were captured in the final perfume.


Important Notes:

• Due to the natural nature of the product, and the intimate nature of this process, there are no refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.

• Each recipe is kept on file so that you can order a refill anytime. The cost of the refill is determined by the amount and cost of the raw materials used, and will be calculated upon the final sample approval.

• The only limitations are that we do not make replicas of other perfumes and the scent must be possible to create exclusively with natural materials. 

• The process from start to finish typically takes 2-4 weeks. We are not responsible for any delays due to shipping carriers, and any addtional duties and terrifs are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Bespoke Character Scent - Custom Perfume

  • All Perfumes are made with cleansed essential oils and with incantations during the ritual of their creation, promoting spiritual health and positivity for the wearer. Perfumes are based in organic jojoba oil and contain no alcohol.