Become enveloped within the seductive curiosities of the Bone Daddy. 

On a cool autumn evening the sweet candied trails lead you to its portal. Beyond the wooden door it is tempting to become intoxicated by the euphoria of the curious aroma. Something sensual may lie beneath the surface, but you cannot be certain... Now every Samhain you are haunted by its ghostly kiss.

This Tim Burton inspired perfume comes from the charmingly spooky concepts of the Nightmare Before Christmas. 


Perfume Notes:

Sandalwood, Vetiver, Vanilla, Lavender, Lime, Grapefruit


Roller Bottles are 10ml full of Jojoba Oil-diluted perfume in a clear, petite glass bottle with gold metal cap and metal rollerball applicator. Bottles come with a label and detailed Perfume Card that extends the description of the blend from the maker, as well as a full ingredients list. All this in a petite black box, perfect to be reused again!


  • To begin the ritual place 1-2 drops on your pulse points, letting the oil air-dry. Do not rub into the skin as doing so will warm the oil and top notes will become less prevolent. 


    Reapply as desired throughout the day.