Our smudge tins are an easy way to clear your field, purify the air, and bring in those good vibes. The tins make it easy to bring a little bit with you everywhere you go, and only use what you need. 

This stunning blend of herb, florals, and wood brings about a scent for the curious and mysterious.


Chamomile is indeed a superior medicinal for women. Also, Chamomile has magical implications for attracting money and, accordingly, as a hand rinse for gamblers needing good luck.


Lavender has been thought for centuries to arouse passions as an aphrodisiac, and is still one of the most recognized scents in the world.


In some magical traditions, mugwort is associated with divination and dreaming. To bring about prophecy and divinatory success, make an incense of mugwort to burn at your workspace, or use it in smudge sticks around the area in which you are performing divination rituals.

English folklore tells that a mixture of lavender, mugwort, chamomile, and rose petals will attract sprites, fairies, brownies, and elves.


Palo Santo is different than many of the other smudging materials as it is fragrant in its raw form and does not necessarily need to be lit, though it usually is when being used for ceremonial purposes. Palo Santo is often used by Amazonian shamans in sacred plant spirit ceremonies; the rising smoke of the lit sticks is believed to enter the energy field of ritual participants to clear misfortune, negative thoughts and to chase away evil spirits.

Contains :

A blend of Chamomile, Lavender, Mugwort, and Palo Santo


150g | 5.3 oz.

All natural / vegan / cruelty free / organic / hand made / made-to-order / sustainable

CARAVAN Smudge Tin

  • Use a pinch or two under flame to purify and enchant. We recommend using our Smudges in a heat-safe container.

    Use safe fire handling practices! Do not leave open flames or embers unattended!