Tall dark and stormy. A curious purveyor of vices. His fingers are long as they wrap around the amber trapped in crystal. Billowing from his lips are the foggy entrails of a demons ire. Yet, despite the theatrics a sense of familiarity wedges into your heart. Appearances can be quite charming.



Notes: Whiskey, Dark Chocolate, Herbaceous, Medicinal, Masculine Cologne



Roller Bottles are 10ml full of diluted perfume in a clear, thin glass bottle with gold metal cap and metal rollerball applicator. Each scent has a semi-precious gemstone within the tube, picked to enhance the properties of the oils. 

Bottles come with a label and detailed Perfume Card that extends the description of the blend from the maker, as well as a full ingredients list. All this in a petite black box, perfect to be reused again!


  • To begin the ritual place 1-2 drops on your pulse points, letting the oil air-dry. Do not rub into the skin as doing so will warm the oil and top notes will become less prevolent. 


    Reapply as desired throughout the day.

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