Endings are bittersweet. Like Shakespearean lovers this tragic blend is deepened with tart berries and exotic incense. Reminiscent of the European cathedrals that swell with smokey halls, and rustic woods on cold marble. Let this poison slither through your lungs as you find comfort for your bones in a bed of soil. Forget for one moment all that weighs you to the earth, and let your spirit rest.



Roller Bottles are 10ml full of diluted perfume in a clear, thin glass bottle with gold metal cap and metal rollerball applicator. Each scent has a semi-precious gemstone within the tube, picked to enhance the properties of the oils. 

Bottles come with a label and detailed Perfume Card that extends the description of the blend from the maker, as well as a full ingredients list. All this in a petite black box, perfect to be reused again!


  • To begin the ritual place 1-2 drops on your pulse points, letting the oil air-dry. Do not rub into the skin as doing so will warm the oil and top notes will become less prevolent. 


    Reapply as desired throughout the day.

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