This blend of gentle herbs and florals aid to soothe an aching mind. Heal your thoughts and mend your third eye with this green leafy mix. Headaches will vanish in no time.

Contains :






Bitters End Tea blends are not only the perfect gift, but they are multi-purpose!


Each tea comes with a re-usable cotton tea-bag that can be used cup after cup. But, you can also use these blends as a Bath Soak or Facial Steam! Use the tea loose in a bowl of steaming hot water or toss liberally into a bath and soak up all the delightful scents and remedies. Can be used loose, or use the bag to hold all your little bits together and save your drains!

All natural / vegan / cruelty free / organic / hand made / made-to-order / sustainable


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  • Inhale the steam while it steeps for 5-10 minutes to prepare yourself for a mindfulness journey.
    Sweeten to taste.

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